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“One of the best things about growing a financially successful company is having the ability to give back to others. Giving back to the community is a passion of mine. My companies and I actively give to dozens of local and national charities a year. We have donated over one million dollars to local charities including Smile Train, J. Sargeant Reynolds, VCU Massey Cancer Center, YWCA..." Read More

"Good News" - Comfort Zone Camp

Debbie has donated Showcase Richmond segments with WRIC Channel 8 to dozens of non-profits all over Richmond. “Good News Brought to you by Care Advantage” hosted by Channel 8’s best, Matt DiNardo, brings Richmonders a nice break from the bad news and helps the local non-profits share their mission. To see more "Good News" segments and to learn about more nonprofits, visit our YouTube Page.


Throughout the years, we have donated over one million dollars to local charities including...


Eunice's Circle of Friends

Debbie also started "Eunice’s Circle of Friends (ECF)", which is a social group for individuals who have lost a loved one.

“The idea for Eunice's Circle of Friends began percolating not long after I lost my Mother, Eunice Johnston, on December 27, 2006. While I had lost a mother and life-long role model, I recognized my pain was minimal compared to that of my father who had lost his soul mate, partner, and companion of 53 years. The idea for ECF began to crystallize as I researched outlets for my father to cope and deal with this loss – surprisingly the options were few and far between as I watched my father’s days go from living as a healthy retiree with dreams to travel and grow old with his wife by his side, to living, eating, and sleeping alone.”

ECF is centered around and will grow because of one simple belief – widows and widowers with so much left to give should not be alone. Instead, they should be celebrated and given an opportunity to stay vibrant, healthy and passionate about life each and every day. The club is designed to be a “safe haven” where dialogue about wants, needs and dreams can be shared openly with others in the same situation. People who have lost their husband or wife – whether recently or many years ago – come together to enable each of them to live happier, healthier golden years. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Being the entrepreneur that she is, Debbie would not accept the status quo and refused to sit idly by and let her father remain a lonely man without any way to realize his hopes and dreams. Therefore, she launched ECF. The mission of the organization is to honor the past, find meaning in the future and celebrate every single life by simply giving widows and widowers an outlet whereby they can come together to socialize, have fun, go on trips or just be a support to one another.

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